Weekly Weigh-In & Caturday!

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Whoooo hooo!!! It’s Caturday!!!

You know what that means!! I gotta get my butt on the scale and CAT PHOTOS!

Success or Flop?

I’ve decided to count any loss, not matter how small as a success. Any step is the right direction is better than nothing! I was nervous about weighing in today because I didn’t track as closely as normal for the past few days. Every now and then, it’s good to take a mental break. I tracked in my head with rough estimates, but overate a couple times. I also didn’t get to work out as much this week because the baby was angry from teething and I spent a lot of extra time focused on the blog. I had a mini-binge last night and was really expecting a gain this week.

However, I guess my diligence from the early part of the week helped off-set my binge day because when I stepped on the scale this morning….. A LOSS! YAY! It was only about half a pound but I decided that half a pound loss is better than nothing and certainly better than half a pound gain!

So here’s the stats:

Last week: 169.8

This week: 169.2

Difference: -0.6 pounds!

Starting Out: 202

Today: 169.2


Slow and Steady

I will NEVER forget crying at my last doctor’s appointment of my pregnancy, seeing the scale tip over 200 pounds. Even after leaving the hospital, I was still in the 190s. Breastfeeding did NOT make weight loss easy for me because if I cut my calories too much, my milk would drop. It wasn’t until I discovered IIFYM that I started having success. By using their formula to really get a healthy idea of how many calories I needed to drop weight AND make milk, I am slowly but steadily reaching my goal.

If I can do it, you can, too! Check out my post on IIFYM for more information and resources to get your own numbers!

Now – as promised – IT’S CATURDAY

Time to spam you with cat photos!!



ALL of our animals and me, NINE months pregnant


My dad’s cat and our cat, before we moved into our house



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