Happy Mother’s Day

Give me some love!

Today is mother’s day!  My husband and son have spoiled me already this morning. Chase gave  me a sweet hand print card and some flowers.  My husband bought me extra dark chocolate (for its low carb content!) and framed a gorgeous photo of my mother as a baby.  These gifts really touched my heart.  They were so thoughtful.

That being said,  I don’t want to spend a ton of time writing a post today because I’d rather spend the time enjoying my family.  However,  I did want to share a little something  with you. Mother’s day hasn’t always been a happy day for me.  I posted the below on my Facebook account last year, before I started this blog and I think it’s the perfect thing to share here. 

As most of you know, mother’s day has been the most challenging day of the year for me for a long time now. After suffering the loss of my mother and two angel babies, I spent the last five mother’s days feeling bitter and angry toward anyone with a living mother and children (ok, so… Pretty much everyone) AND THEN this strong little fighter came along….
Everything changed in an instant. I NEVER imagined my heart could hold so much love, my body could run on so little sleep or that my world could be changed so dramatically, for the better, by one tiny little person. Anytime I’m feeling less than amazing, I see his smile or hear his laugh and my troubles melt.
Happy mother’s day to everyone, even those for whom this is a sad day. Happy mother’s day to the motherless and those struggling with fertility issues or missing an angel baby. Never give up hope that one day, this will be a happy day for you, too. <3

I hope today is a beautiful day for you.  If it isn’t, I pray that one day it will be. 

With love, 

–  Sheena 

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