Outfit of the Day: Mother’s Day Edition

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So I love outfit of the day posts but have never done one. In order to fix that, I’m doing a Mother’s Day Outfit post. I was really feeling my mother’s day outfit and decided to show it off a little. Plus, I’ve lost 40 pounds since having the baby, so I wanted to post an updated photo of myself. However, this won’t be one of those style posts where it’s like, “My jewelry is vintage Cartier and my skirt cost $450….” because you know I’m way too frugal for that! 🙂

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Feeling Pretty in Pink

Mother's Day Outfit
Mother’s Day Outfit

I love the classic and feminine details of this outfit. It has a little romantic flare making it perfect for a date night while still maintaining a level of modesty and sweetness. The shades of pink and cream really create the soft, feminine look I was hoping to achieve.

My eyelash lace crop top came from Express last season and I’m pretty sure I got it on sale for about $15. I was hesitant to wear it because… crop tops and post-baby body BUT, wearing crops tops with a high waisted skirt is a really hot combo right now so I decided to step out of my comfort zone a little.

HERE is a great dupe from Amazon that is nearly identical to my top!



I have been working hard to get this skirt to fit and I’m excited it finally zips! It came from Zulily, is a no-name brand and seriously cost $7.00! This skirt from Amazon is very similar, though it costs a little more. You can buy it by clicking HERE.


Jewelry and Accessories

My watch it quite possibly the most expensive item of clothing/shoes/accessories that I’ve ever received but it’s SO worth it. It’s a citizen eco drive chronograph watch in rose gold. It is worth it because 1.) I wear it almost every day and 2.) it is solar powered so I will NEVER, ever, ever have to replace the batteries. I don’t know about you, but I seriously have a graveyard of (cheaper) watches that need the batteries replaced and I never can remember to take them to the jewelry store!

This is the exact watch I have available on Amazon by clicking HERE.

Similar to the watch, my necklace was a gift. It is really long and perfect for layering. This is made of baroque freshwater pink pearls. My aunt gave it to me shortly before she passed away and it came from a boutique in Nashville. You can buy a similar necklace from Amazon by clicking HERE.


My earrings came from the same shop as the necklace and are also baroque (irregular) pearls. I love baroque pearls because they are unique. I usually choose them over regular pearls for some reason. You can buy the same earrings by clicking HERE.


Lastly, and not pictured are my shoes. My husband wasn’t able to capture them in the photo (because the baby was actually clutching to my knees- which is also why the awkward pose lol) I wasn’t going to include them but decided that they really complete the outfit and also, they’re CHEAP. They are nude pumps made by Pierre Dumas and I got them at a local discount store for $14.99! They go with absolutely everything. You can get the same pair by clicking HERE.


Putting It All Together

So there it is! My mother’s day outfit total cost about $37 and my jewelry/accessories were gifts. I don’t really know how much my accessories cost since I didn’t buy them but you could easily go with costume jewelry to create the same look at a lower cost. I love creating fun outfits but don’t have much time to do so now that I’m a busy mom.

How do you keep your style fresh without spending a ton of cash? I’d love to hear about your tips and tricks! Please let me know by commenting below. And, as always, thank you for reading. I hope you have a beautiful and blessed day!



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