Beach Vacation – Back on Track

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Welcome Back

Hi All! Well, we are home from our annual week long Beach Vacation. Admittedly, I am not ready to get back on track with my daily life. It went too fast! Each Memorial Day, we head down to Fort Morgan, Alabama, with my husband’s family. It is always a fun and relaxing time spent with loved ones and we look forward to it every year. I wanted to post a quick update, highlighting some of my favorite photos and memories from our trip.

I thought I should take a moment to relive my vacation before I have to get back on track with my normal life. Amazingly, I didn’t think about dieting, budgeting, or work for an entire week. It was nice to kick back with some good company, a few thick books, fruity drinks, and an excellent view. I definitely needed the mental break.


I enjoyed the opportunity to practice with my camera and think I got some good shots.


My favorite thing about Fort Morgan is that it is quiet and peaceful- no spring breakers here!

In the South, even boys wear bubbles. Look at his sweet smile!

I love our family! Here we are- all 15 of us, including the family dog – The Outlaw Josey Wales.

The one thing about being the family photographer is that there are only four photos of me from the entire week. lol.

I think this is the best family photo we’ve ever taken. I love my family of three!

When you take SIX kids to the beach, there’s never a dull moment!


This is the beach house we stay in each year.

I could just live here year round.

Allen and I joked about selling our house and moving to the beach. If only! I took so many photos I couldn’t upload them all. These are just some of my favorites. I hope you enjoyed taking a peek into my vacation. We love the beach! Don’t you?

As always, thank you for reading. I hope you have a beautiful and blessed day.

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