An Update on My Photography

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So, I’ve owned my DSLR camera for about eight months now and while I am still a novice I feel like I have learned a surprising amount. I wanted to post an update that includes some of my favorite photographs that I’ve taken since buying my camera. I had a few spare minutes on my lunch break today at work and decided to spend that time updating this.

Most of these were taken with my kit lens. A few were taken with an inexpensive 50mm lens that a friend let me borrow while I (struggle to) decide which lens I want to buy for long term use. I also recently subscribed to the Adobe Creative Cloud service so, while most of these are straight off the camera, a few have had a few minor edits with Light Room.

Thanks for looking!


This was taken at the butterfly garden inside the Tennessee aquarium and is one of my favorite photos!

This was the Christmas card photo I sent out of Chase this year.

Trying to capture the sunset at a lake near my house.

This shot was from the balcony of our condo on a recent vacation to Gatlinburg, TN.

This was from the scenic overlook in the Great Smoky Mountain

One of the wildflowers we viewed on a hike in GSMNP.

My cat, who holds still for photos way better than the baby.


So that’s it!

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