Update on Baby Chase, Photography, and a Rant

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Hi All, I decided to take a break from my usual posts about diet, health, and wellness and change gears a bit today. This post is an update on Baby Chase, my photography, and a rare rant. While I usually try to keep things positive around here, there’s something that’s been bothering me lately that I need to get off my chest. Before I get to the rant, some happy stuff.

Update on Baby Chase

20 Months
20 Months

Baby Chase is 20 months old! How did that happen? When did my sweet little baby turn into a wildly silly almost two year-old? One of the main reasons I started this blog was to help chronicle Chase’s early years. I haven’t posted an update about him lately, so here goes.

Chase is talking up a storm. He learns new words practically every day. Some of my favorites are, “Mmmmm bacon,” “Thank you,” and “Belbow” (elbow). Allen and I are so proud of how smart he is. He loves playing outside and would live out in the wild if we’d let him. He’s 110% silly and makes us laugh constantly. He is usually a very good boy.

We took him to the dentist for the first time last week because of what looks like a tiny cavity on his front tooth. The dentist told us it’s not a cavity, it’s actually a birthmark on his tooth! Have you ever heard of such?! He was very good and hardly complained. We are very proud of how well it went. As a reward, we bought him his first race track toy, which he loves!

Finally, he slept in his room like a big boy for the first time ever this weekend. From 9 PM until 5:30 AM, he slept in his own bed! I woke up and couldn’t go back to sleep without him, not the other way around. LOL. So, at sunrise, he came into bed with me and we cuddled until about 8. Baby steps, right co-sleeping mommies??

Photography Update

I haven’t posted an update on my photography in a while either. I did a baseball themed mini-session for Chase’s 20 month photos and I think they turned out pretty well. My friend who got me into photography, whom I admire, complimented them so I’m proud! Because I’m feeling pretty confident about these, I thought I’d share them here.

I am proud of how these turned out and feel like my photography is improving.

Finally, a Rant

Ok, so, the main attraction, the reason you’re all here… to see what I’m ranting about now! LOL. There is something that has really been bothering me lately and I couldn’t post about it on my personal social media pages, because I didn’t want to start anything by calling people out but here goes….

I AM FED UP. With what? With seeing these moms who think just because they spent $$$ on a DSLR camera, that they are suddenly professional photographers, and can charge poor folks $$$ for crappy photos. UGH. Seriously. It seems like every mom with a DSLR suddenly wants to buy a domain and start a photography business and half of these photos I see people charging real money for are, frankly, shit.

Let me clarify, I do not think of myself as a “photographer.” I am a hobbyist. It is enjoyable to me, learning about the different types of equipment, the theory behind it, the exposure triangle, fun things you can do in post-editing…. but I am NOT a pro. I am NOT going to charge someone their hard earned cash for my work. I’m just NOT. My photos aren’t always tack sharp, my horizons aren’t always perfectly straight, my work is… amateur.

Rant Continued…

Nothing makes me more angry than getting on Facebook, seeing these people advertising their “business” pages, charging hundreds of dollars for photos that look like shit. Example, an acquaintance asked me to take photos of her kid(s). I agreed, for FREE, for fun/practice. Instead, she goes and pays some mommy with a DSLR and a facebook business page over $100 and the photos she got were SHIT.

I’m talking, this lady had these kids out in the HARSHEST DIRECT sunlight, with shadows marring the kid’s faces. The kids were unhappy (obviously, because the sun was all in their eyes…) there wasn’t a single photo wHere they were smiling or looking at the camera, the photos were all blurry, the focus was the opposite of sharp, and not a single aesthetic portrait shot with a nice bokeh background. Ugh. It makes me SICK. Basically, they looked like point-and-shoot candid shots. Which would be fine, expect my acquaintance PAID for these photos! Now, when this girl shows me these photos, I’m going to have to smile and pretend like they aren’t AWFUL.

It makes ME sick and I’m an amateur! I have friends who went to school for YEARS to become pro photographers and have invested tens of thousands of dollars in their equipment…. I can’t even imagine how it must make REAL photographers feel, to have some mom with a $300 camera and zero experience, trying to sell her work for $200/hour…. UGH. MAKE IT STAHHHHPPP!!!

On a final note, I do have two friends who picked up a DSLR, and just happened to be *REALLY* good. The one in particular has had zero formal training, but has always been super creative, and now her “side hustle” has really taken off. She’s booked for months in advance, but, that being said… she’s the rarity.

/End Rant

Ok, I’m finished ranting now. I know there’s nothing I can do to stop these people from ripping folks off with their shit photos. However, it did make me feel a lot better to rant about it. LOL. Thanks for hanging in there with me. I’ll be back to blogging about the usual stuff tomorrow.

Until then, have a beautiful and blessed day. And, if you DO decide to buy photos from someone, check out their credentials and their portfolio before you part with any of your hard-earned cash, OK? Don’t buy their photos if the color is over-saturated to hell and there’s shadows all over the kids’ faces, and it looks like it was edited with a cell-phone app, right? Please, promise me this!

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