January Update

Give me some love!

Wow, January is officially over and I hate to say I didn’t accomplish all of the things I had planned. It was a rough month with illness and stress at work. While I shouldn’t have let those things hold me back, I have to admit that I did.

As you might remember, my focus for January was on health. My goals were to eat less sugar, drop some weight, and exercise more. I was on track to meet these goals, until the second week of January rolled around. I found out that my group at work is disbanding and ALL of my co-workers are leaving me, including my supervisor. Now, six months after joining the group, I’m going to be placed as the leader. While I should see the opportunity for a promotion as a good thing, I am a little stressed out about it. My confidence as a leader is not where it should be.

On top of the new stress at work, my kid got a double ear infection! Ugh, there is nothing worse than a sick baby. Oh wait, yes there is! Everyone in my house is currently ill! I was diagnosed yesterday with PNEUMONIA. UGH! I’m on steroids and antibiotics and I just want to eat EVERYTHING! My husband has an upper-respiratory infection and everything at my house sucks right now. Haha.

I did read two books on health/wellness this month and ended January one pound less than I started it. Which, I guess isn’t horrible. The two books I read were both by Dr. Jason Fung and were about fasting. I find the topic incredibly interesting and plan to do more research into the ancient practice of fasting as both a cleansing and healing remedy. I have been trying intermittent fasting in the month of January and have to admit that so far, I am pleased with its benefits, which I’ll talk more about in another post. I am trying to work my way up to doing some alternate day fasting, and I will let you guys know how that goes. I was doing great at my exercise routines, until, you know… pneumonia.


So, to recap January….

  • Started great
  • Co-worker’s left me/work in chaos
  • Everyone is sick, me especially
  • Lost 1 lonely pound
  • Did more reading about fasting than actual fasting…

LOL. Ok, so not my best work.


I am looking forward to February, where my focus is love/relationships. Love is something I do quite well! 🙂


With lots of love,



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