Calling all Mommy Bloggers!

Give me some love!

So… I’ve been blogging for exactly a week and I’m really enjoying it! I have been reading a ton about how to build a blog that people will actually want to read and I’ve learned a lot in the process. 

I’m looking to find my niche and my target audience. The fact that this blog is about finding happiness through living a simple life seems to appeal mostly to women. I know there are a TON of mommy bloggers out there and I’m looking to network, collaborate and possibly guest post on each other’s blogs! 

In the process of networking, I’ve met some awesome ladies and joined some great blogger groups. I’d like to give a shout out to my new friend, Jessica Vice.

Jessica blogs about her life as a wife, step mommy and paralegal! I love her humorous post about chocolate yoohoo and she has fabulous hair! 

You can visit Jessica’s blog about life by clicking HERE.

Jessica also started a great Facebook group for mommy bloggers! We are trying to recruit new members so, please join us! You can find the Mommy Bloggers Community on Facebook by clicking HERE.

Let’s network! Comment your blog url below and I promise to visit and leave a comment! Thanks for reading!!

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