Weekly Meal Prep and Menu 24 July

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Weekly Meal Prep!

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This meal prep session will (hopefully) be a quick one, because we have a lot going on today with a family cookout at my in-laws’ house, so let’s get right to it!


On The Menu

 First off, I FINALLY went to the grocery store so this week’s meal prep should have a little more diversity. I started this week by determining what needed to be used up first and came up with the following menu plan.


Mediterranean quinoa salad with chickpeas and feta(2)

Grown-up Lunchables (2)

I plan to eat lunch in the cafeteria at work once this week


Italian seasoned chicken breast with quinoa and green beans (3)

Sriracha salmon cakes with steamed broccoli and quinoa (2) – CLICK to get the recipe!


Sugar free jello Greek yogurt “cheesecake”


Getting Started

The first step, as always, is to get out all the necessary ingredients. I’m preparing everything but the tuna cakes in advance. Trust me, microwaved tuna cakes are NOT ok! I FINALLY got around to going grocery shopping and seeing all this beautiful food makes me smile! Isn’t it pretty?

The next step was to put the chicken (about one pound) in the crock pot with about eight ounces water and one packet Italian seasoning mix. I put it on low for six hours and let it cook while we were out. I put the quinoa on to cook while I made the grown up lunchables. Aren’t they cute? You can buy the meal prep containers HERE and the silicone baking cups HERE. They are both incredibly useful in my meal prep sessions

I feel like the lunchables are pretty self explanatory. I used turkey, salami, muenster cheese, saltine crackers, fresh veggies and m&ms- because it wouldn’t be lunchables without a little treat!

Bringing it All Together

By this point the quinoa is finished cooking and I put it aside for now while I chop/prepare produce. At this point, things really started moving. Once the veggies are prepared, I weighed out bowls of grains, protein, and veggies. The leftover grains and veggies went in the fridge to serve with the tuna cakes.

The food scale has been essential to my success with IIFYM and you can get one for a surprisingly low cost by clicking HERE.

The quinoa salad is SO easy to make. I put .75 cup quinoa, .5 cup chickpeas, half a tomato, a quarter of an onion, 1 oz feta and 1 serving light Italian dressing in each bowl. The chicken bowls have .5 cup betty Crocker “suddenly grain salad” in harvest grain flavor with 3 oz Italian seasoned chicken and 2 servings of green beans. I poured a little extra of the Italian juice over it all for extra flavor.

The cheesecake is SO easy to make, too! Each container has 1 cup plain Greek yogurt, half a package of jello sugar free cheesecake mix, mixed well, and topped with one sheet of honey graham crackers. Serve with strawberries. I saved just enough yogurt to make a dipping sauce for the tuna cakes.

Remember, your goal is progress, not perfection!

The Finished Product

Voila! The finished product! A week of diet friendly meals. It takes about an hour but it is SO worth it. Once they’re in the fridge, the healthy choice becomes the easy choice.

The ONLY awful thing about doing a weekly meal prep is that before I started, this sink was clean and empty! 🙂

There you have it folks! Another week of meal prep is in the books!! I hope this inspired you to do something healthy for yourself. Do you meal prep? What are your favorite meal prep recipes? Let me know by commenting below!

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