ON SUNDAYS…. WE MEAL PREP!!! Weekly meal prep and menu

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Am I the only one who gets pumped about a good meal prep session? I am currently following IIFYM (If it Fits Your Macros- AKA Flexible Dieting) and have been for the last few months with good results. I’m down over THIRTY POUNDS from my pregnancy weight and I’m pretty stoked to get rid of the rest of it. I have been lifting weights twice a week, doing yoga and taking long walks regularly in addition to following my IIFYM numbers, which are unique for each person. More about my diet itself in another post, let’s talk FOOD!!!

Because I work Monday-Friday early first shift and my husband works second shift (so that we don’t have to put our infant son in daycare…) there isn’t much time throughout the week for cooking, because one of us is always at work and the other alone with the baby. This means my weekly meal prep is an integral part of my weight loss equation. Every Sunday evening, I prep several days worth of lunches, dinners and snacks and breakfast is always either a protein bar or a protein shake. Hey, keep it simple, stupid.

My weekly meal prep is one of the things I get asked about the most often by curious friends and family hoping to jump on the meal prep train. So, let me walk you through a weekly session to see just how I do it.


This week’s menu is pretty simple for one key reason- I haven’t been grocery shopping in a while. In an attempt to be more frugal, I’m trying to go for longer stretches in between grocery trips. I am surprised by how much this helps keep grocery costs down!


Chicken salad with bacon, scallions, and cheddar cheese (2)

Burrito bowls with seasoned refried beans, Spanish rice, tortilla chips, salsa, and shredded cheese (3)


Chicken and Steak Fajitas for two (1)

Spaghetti squash croquettes with bacon, scallions and tangy yogurt sauce (2)

Spicy salsa chicken with Spanish Rice, seasoned corn and black beans (2)

Every Friday night, my dad and I go out for dinner


sugar free protein pudding

Fresh cut/portioned fruit and veggie bags for easy access


The first thing I always do is start with the protein. This is by far the easiest step this week. For the steak fajitas, we’re using leftover steak from last night’s dinner. For the chicken…. I threw a bag of frozen chicken breasts in the the crock pot with half a jar of salsa and walked away for about an hour. The next step was to get out everything that I needed. This includes all of the necessary ingredients, the meal prep containers and my food scale. My chicken was starting to smell good so I was motivated to keep going.

My next step was to prep the produce …. I washed everything and chopped the celery, onions and green peppers.  Next, I started cooking the rice. While the rice was cooking I bagged up my produce and mixed up the chicken salad. I use plain Greek yogurt instead of mayo because it’s healthier.I simply mix up the shredded chicken with a dab of yogurt, a couple tablespoons of real bacon bits, a few chopped scallions and cheese to taste.

Once this was ready, I moved on to making the burrito bowls. I seasoned the refried beans with my own special blend of Mexican seasonings, which equates to a pinch of whatever I have in the pantry + my extra special smoked jalapeno seasoning that I get at the local farmer’s market. YUM.

Here’s a photo of what I have accomplished up to this point:


At this point, things started unraveling. I realized I didn’t have one of the ingredients I needed to make my favorite dessert (protein cheesecake) so I had to scratch that and think up some other dessert. I realized I was out of sandwich size baggies, OH NO and I burnt the bottom of my favorite Calphalon saucepan. YIKES. Then the baby starts screaming. UGH. Time for a break. I realized it was time to nurse him and I enjoyed a cup of tea while he did his thing. He’s started doing this crazy thing where he stands up in my lap while he nurses. I don’t even understand how he can be comfortable. Whatever… luckily, he passed out for his afternoon nap, so back to work I go!

I think the break was exactly what I needed because at this point the chicken was finished cooking and I was SO ready to wrap this thing up and get on with my Sunday afternoon. I weighed out portions of beans, cheese, rice, salsa, chicken, etc. etc. etc. for the burrito bowls and chicken and rice bowls. I’m telling you, IIFYM is all about weighing out some food. I really LOVE my food scale and better than that, got it on Amazon way cheap. You can order your own by clicking on the photo below. I also got my meal prep containers from Amazon and they were also cheap and great. In fact, I get practically everything off of Amazon and it is all pretty much cheap and great. You can order the meal prep containers by clicking on the photo below.



I can now see the light at the end of the tunnel! Hooray! The last steps are to prep my desserts and get everything packaged and put away. The protein pudding is so simple. Milk, sugar free jello butterscotch pudding mix and a scoop of cellucor protein powder.You better believe I bought the cellucor on Amazon and though it isn’t cheap, it’s SO worth it! You can order it by clicking on the photo below.

The final step is to cook our dinner, steak fajitas, for this evening and put everything away. Here are the final deliverables.

Our steak fajitas and my gorgeous Calphalon tri-ply stainless steel fry pan.

The whole enchilada, as they say! That’s everything I’ll eat for the work week, ready to go! The only thing I didn’t prepare in advance is the squash fritters, because uncooked squash turns gross in the fridge after a day or two. They’re super quick and easy to make so I’ll post about them on another day this week.

There you have it! An entire week of delicious food that will stay nice and fresh!
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