Sunday Meal Prep: 28 August (with recipes and macros!!)

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I apologize for the two week lapse in meal-prep posts. Things have been SO busy! It is year end at work and I am preparing to transfer jobs. Lately, by the time I get home each day I am mentally wiped out. However, my diet is definitely suffering from my lack of meal prep! I feel my motivated renewed after my two week break, so let’s get to it!

Because the biggest request each week is for recipes and macros, that’s what I’m giving you this week. I am REALLY excited about these meals. Here’s the breakdown.


3- Burrito Bowls (burrito filling freezes REALLY well, so I make a big batch of these a few times a month)

2- Loaded Chicken Salad

2- Ham and Spicy Hummus Wraps

2- Asian Chopped Salad with Spicy Teriyaki Chicken

1- Buffalo Chicken Cauliflower and Cheese Casserole


Not pictured is the reduced fat Sargento shredded cheddar cheese that I can’t get enough of these days!

Like always, make sure you have your necessary items on hand and don’t forget the tools of the trade!

My first step is to start the protein. Ground beef on the stove top and chicken in my crockpot smart pot. I cannot say enough good things about this crock pot! It has a timer that will switch over to “keep warm” once your time is up- no more burnt food or calling hubby to switch it over to warm! Genius! Additionally, I am still loving my meal prep containers. I bought these back in February and they’re still going strong even after daily use. PLUS, it comes with a handy meal prep e-book. Cool, right?

While the meat is cooking, I bagged up crackers, baby carrots, dressings, and single servings of cottage cheese. I just wanted to get those little things out of the way because I am so tired of cooking by the end of my meal prep that these little things don’t get done and it really does make a difference in the time I spend packing my lunch each night.

Next, I made the ham and spicy hummus roll ups. The recipe below makes one wrap.

Ham and Spicy Hummus Roll-Ups

1 burrito size tortilla

4 oz deli ham

1 oz boars head spicy red pepper hummus

Spread tortilla with hummus, top with ham, roll and place seem side down. Macros below include 3 OZ baby carrots and 1 OZ cheddar flavored sun chips as sides. 🙂

Macros: Calories: 565 Fat:20 Carbs: 62 protein: 26

This meal is a little high in fat and carbs, to reduce that, nix the chips but hey… I like chips with my sandwiches.

Once the chicken was finished, I made the buffalo chicken cauliflower casserole. Not to brag too much but I am WAY proud of this one. I’m going to make like.. six of these next time.

Buffalo chicken cauliflower casserole – serves one

1 bag (yes, the entire bag) bird’s eye buffalo cauliflower

1 oz REAL bacon bits

3 oz cooked chicken

1 oz reduced fat shredded cheddar

(More or less) 1 tsp frank’s red hot

1 tbsp diced scallions/green onions (optional)

First, cook your chicken. I use frozen chicken breasts and cook them in my crockpot until the chicken is kinda flaky. Weigh out your 3 oz, dice and toss in the hot sauce. Combine chicken and cauliflower. Top with cheese, bacon bits and garnish with scallions.

Macros- Calories: 340 Fat: 15 Carbs: 19 Protein:32

This one is a REAL winner. I am super proud of this recipe. It is going in the cookbook for sure!


Not Pictured – Loaded Chicken Salad

110 grams canned chicken breast (fresh tastes better but I ran out of fresh chicken breast)

15 g reduced fat cheese

55 g plain greek yougrt

10 g bacon bits

a pinch of green onions (optional)

serve with saltine crackers.

This one is SO simple. Just combine all the ingredients in a small container and serve with crackers. The macros below include six saltine crackers and 3 OZ baby carrots with your chicken salad. 🙂

Macros- Calories: 420 Fat: 18 Carbs: 24 Protein: 41

BAM! Get a load of that protein. Yum!! Tastes like gains!!

Asian Chopped Salad with Spicy Teriyaki Chicken

Dude. I was at Sam’s Club doing our shopping yesterday and they were sampling this chopped salad. I HAD to have it. YUM! The brand is Taylor Farms, but I’ve seen similar things at pretty much every major grocery store.

0.5 bag Chopped Asian Salad Kit

3 oz Chicken

1 tbsp spicy teriyaki

(More or less) /1 tbsp soy sauce

1 tsp sesame seeds (optional)

This one is pretty easy. I portioned the lettuce out into two containers, then coated my crock pot chicken in spicy teriyaki sauce and sesame seeds. Put the chicken in a separate baggy to heat and to help keep your salad from getting soggy. I also put the dressing and soy sauce (together) in a small container and the crunchy wonton/almond mixture in its own little container. This was in an effort to keep everything as fresh as possible. When the time comes, simply heat your chicken and combine all ingredients. Voila. I’m pretty excited about this one, too. I love anything with sesame dressing!

Macros: Calories: 384 Fat: 21 Carbs: 25 Protein: 27

Look at the pretty veggies!

Last, but certainly NOT least, my burrito bowls! IIFYM is great because you can eat burritos and not feel guilty. I would make these with ground turkey if I were making them just for me BUT hubby wanted ground beef so I decided I could make it fit. The beauty of this recipe is that the meat is cut with salsa, rice and beans so that really reduces the fat. This is actually just made from the Old El Paso burrito kits you can get at the grocery store. I try not to eat things like this TOO often, but these (surprisingly) aren’t that bad on macros.

I’m gonna cheat here.

Burrito Bowls

1 box Old El Paso Burrito Kit

4 oz reduced fat cheese

1 cup salsa

Makes 8 servings

Make according to package directions, using 1 lb of the leanest ground beef you can find. Mix in salsa. Top each tortilla with 1/8 meat mixture and 0.5 ounces cheese. The beauty here is that you can freeze whatever meat you don’t eat and make it into whatever you want. Nachos are also really good with this! We usually eat two each for dinner and then the other half pound of meat goes right in the freeze!

Macros (for 1 burrito) Calories: 321 Fat: 13  Carbs: 34 Protein: 18

So, this doesn’t have the BEST macros, but it HAS to be better than frozen burritos from the store or God Forbid… Taco Bell! LOL

Well, folks, there you have it! A beautiful meal prep session with fresh, yummy meals that I can’t WAIT to eat. 🙂

This is enough food to feed me for five days. Usually, I eat a protein bar or shake and a piece of fruit for breakfast, plus two snacks each day. I am still eating for two by breastfeeding, so I’m ALWAYS hungry!


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    Im missing your posts!!!! P.s. these all sound yummy!

  2. sheenasuzanne

    September 14, 2016 at 11:22 am

    Thank you honey! I miss blogging!! I’ll be honest and say that I’m REALLY struggling to adjust to my new schedule. However, I’m planning on getting back into the groove and have some exciting things planned. Thanks for the love! ((Big hugs!))

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