The Best Keto Snacks and Convenience Foods for Quick Keto Meals 

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Hi Folks! I hope you had a great holiday week! I did but definitely ate some non-keto approved items. Did someone say pie? So, in an attempt to get back on track, I did a haul of easy keto snacks and convenience items. Because hey, sometimes you just need easy!

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Keto Convenience

I love easy but the easy option isn’t always the healthy option. These items make easy keto a reality! Not only are they easy, they are all delicious!

NUCO Coconut Wraps

I bought these thinking, “This will either be really good or really bad.” Hooray! They’re really good! The texture is kind of weird a first, if you’re used to grain produts. However, the flavor is so good the texture is a non-issue. I seriously eat little bites of these plain, like chips. LOL. They’re totally organic, paleo, vegan, nut-free, gluten-free, grain free, etc. etc. etc. Basically, they’re coconuts. 🙂 The turmeric flavor is my favorite. I will definitely try more NuCo products! Me likey coconuts.

Added bonus, they only have three ingredients and I recognize them all. Feel good about eating these!

SweetLeaf Stevia Drops

Until recently, I used little packets of Stevia. Then, I found out that the powdered Stevia usually contains bulking agents that add 2-3 g of carbs per serving and cause serious bloating! WHA? Then, I read about SweetLeaf Stevia drops and my world changed. It has zero carbs and is touted as THE sweetener within the keto community. I try to use it only once per day, in my morning coffee. However, it’s also great for baking!

My favorite flavor is the Vanilla Creme. The ones in the glass bottles are better and have less added gunk than the ones in the plastic squirt bottles, BUT the coconut flavor is pretty good in my coffee!



Discovering Whisps has been a real game changer. These are so incredibly, freaking delicious! Low carb crackers? Made entirely of cheese? YAAASSS! Dip them in all the things! I have to limit the number of these that I buy because I open the bag…. and it’s gone. Again, these only have a few, very recognizable ingredients! and practically no carbs! SCORE!

Cheddar is definitely my favorite flavor. However, Parmesan flavor is pretty darn good, too!

Cocoa + Coconut Almond Butter

Be careful with this stuff. Because it is SO delicious, you will want to eat it by the spoonful. The carbs will add up quickly if you overdo it here. However, when used in moderation, it is SUCH a delicious/healthy treat! Spreading two tablespoons on celery is one of my new favorite keto friendly snacks.

Other Easy Keto Snacks

Some of my other favorite easy keto snacks and keto convenience foods include: veggie sticks in french onion dip, nuts + seeds (just be careful,) hard boiled eggs, meat+cheese rollups, beef jerky, and celery with laughing cow cheese spread.

Let’s Eat!

All of this talking about delicious keto foods has me feeling hungry! I hope this post was informative and helped you find some new keto foods to try. What are your favorite low carb or keto foods for easy snacking? I’d love to know! Comment below to share your suggestions!

As always, thanks for reading. I hope you have a beautiful and blessed day!



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