A Day in the Life of LCHF

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In my last post, I mentioned that I have gone LCHF (Low Carb High Fat) and really enjoy it. One of the questions I hear most often is, “So, what do you eat? Just meat?” I am here today to answer that question and dive a little deeper into my daily eating habits.

A Few of my Favorite Things

First off, let me tell you some of the many reasons I am so happy with LCHF. My energy has dramatically improved and I am free from sugar crashes. Additionally, my skin has cleared up and is now bright and blemish free. Most days, my mental acuity is greatly increased. NO CALORIE COUNTING- (one more time for the folks int he back) NO MORE CALORIE COUNTING. The cravings that used to plague me are all but gone. My appetite seems to regulate itself and I’m not constantly hungry. And, of course, most importantly, I’m finding it EASY to shed the excess weight brought on by pregnancy.

Soooo many of my friends are like, “BUT DON’T YOU MISS BREAD, pasta, muffins, cookies, candy, cakes, pie, potatoes, etc., etc., etc.?” The short answer is, not anymore. O.k., yes to cake but no to pretty much everything else. The reason for that is two fold: 1. Once you become keto adapted, the cravings reduce and also, 2. You will realize that sugar makes you feel awful so you don’t even want it anymore!

A Typical Day

I’m going to start by showing you guys my typical macro split and please note that I have been messing with my macro split for a LONG time before arriving at what works for me. It likely won’t be the same for you because all of our bodies are different! I typically try to achieve two things: 1.) Eat until I’m satisfied and 2.) Achieve my desired ratios. I know I said I don’t typically count calories, but once or twice a week, I will log my food just to see how close I am getting to my desired macro split. So, here it is.Capture


(FYI- I use SparkPeople to track- similar to MFP but I prefer it because it’s what I’ve always used)

As you can see, I eat WAAAAAAY less carbs than recommended, way more fat and about the same on protein. Hence the, low carb, high fat, moderate protein that I talk about. Interestingly, I have found that when I am limiting my carb intake, my appetite seems to regulate itself. I get full and I stay full without having to eat a ton of calories. I remember when I was following the recommended numbers, I could eat 2,200 calories and still be STARVING. Now, most days, I tend to eat between 1600-1800 but by all means, if I want more, I HAVE MORE and I still am losing weight.

A Typical Day

So, what do I eat in a day? Hint, it’s not all meat! it’s not even mostly meat.

Breakfast: I never eat breakfast anymore, because I practice intermittent fasting. The exception here is that I drink coffee with a tablespoon (sometimes two) of heavy cream and half a packet of stevia.

Lunch: Lunch is my first and largest meal of the day. Today’s lunch was a huge spinach salad with 4 oz deli turkey, about 2 oz gouda cheese, a half of a roma tomato, a few slices of cucumber, a generous handful of mushrooms and 1/4 avocado sliced, topped with blue cheese dressing. I also ate two beef snack sticks with this.

Dinner: Dinner is usually a smaller meal than lunch but still quite generous. Since I only eat two meals a day I can afford larger portions. Tonight’s dinner is one of my favorites. I call it the “Loaded Hot Dog in a Bowl” and I will post the recipe later this week. Basically I put kielbasa, kraut, pickles, onions, and mustard in a bowl and chow down.

Snack: I do not always have a snack but when I’m hungry I allow myself a small snack between either lunch and dinner or shortly after dinner. Today’s snack was 1 oz of spicy pork skins. I also like to snack on nuts, seeds, cheese, boiled eggs, veggie stick in ranch, beef sticks, or the rare square of dark chocolate. This has been the biggest shift for me as I used to be a snacker, eating six micro-meals each day and NEVER feeling satisfied in spite of the fact that I was ALWAYS eating.

There You Have It

So, there it is. My typical day as a low carb, high fat dieter. The amazing thing about this diet, for me, has been that I find it really sustainable. I doubt that I will EVER go back to eating 50% of my calories from carbs, like is recommended by most diet plans. I am satisfied with this way of eating and I am losing weight. My only regret here is that I didn’t try it sooner.

Do you have a set macro split that you try to stick to daily? I would love to hear about what works for you! Let me know by commenting below.


As always, thank you for reading and I hope you have an amazing day!



  1. Low Carb High Fat Success

    October 9, 2017 at 5:20 am

    So true! The low carb high fat (and moderate protein) diet is much sustainable. I can’t believe I get to eat what I want, and still feel full for much longer.
    Curse those people who said eating “fat” is bad! I believed that for a long time… And that food pyramid thingy where it says you should eat more grains / carbs.

    1. sheenasuzanne

      October 10, 2017 at 4:35 am

      RIGHT? It’s so frustrating that there’s so much bad advice out there . I’m so satisfied with this way of life! Thanks for reading and commenting!!! 🙂

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