Weekly Weigh-In from the Sick Bed

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Hi everyone! I’m currently suffering from a summer cold and writing from my bed. Ugh. Chase ran a fever Thursday and Friday but I kept telling myself, “I’m fine!” Am I the only mom who is always in denial about being sick until it’s impossible to ignore? 

I thought I was just feeling run down but last night, I started running a fever, too. So this week’s weigh-in is very disappointing because I spent the past few days curled up on the couch eating ice cream and m&ms, in denial about being sick. LOL. I ALWAYS want junk food when I’m sick, it’s so strange. I read somewhere that your body needs the extra calories to fight off the infection but who knows if that’s actually true?

The Numbers

Last Week: 167.8

This week: 168.8

Difference: +1 pound

Oops! Oh well. I’m going to focus on getting well and THEN focus on getting back into my groove. Today is a new day and a new chance to do better. Plus, we’re out of m&ms so they can’t tempt me 😉 I went to the store and bought lots of healthy food yesterday, so maybe that will help me stay focused.

I hope you all have a great week and thanks for reading!!!!

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