The Short List of FREE Fitness Resources

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The Short List of FREE Fitness Resources

If you’re like me, you always have an ear to the ground, in search of the best FREE Fitness resources. Going to YouTube or Google and typing in “free fitness videos” often yields…. sub par results. Never fear! I have compiled a list of my favorite free fitness resources. I have only included resources I’ve used personally and love or personally know someone who uses and loves these resources. SO, rest assured these are tried and true!

The Tried and True List

Spark people – this is number one for a reason!! I have been a member of this community for a decade!!! There are so many useful resources here. There are diet and exercise trackers, videos, groups, challenges, articles, recipes, forums, and so so so much more. If you only use one link on this page, let it be Sparkpeople. After ten years, I am still not bored with the content on this site.

Mfp – My Fitness Pal is somewhat similar to Sparkpeople, in that they have a really useful diet and exercise tracking app. However, MFP fails to capture the all-encompassing community vibe that Sparkpeople has. Still, their tracker is very good.

Jessica Smith tv – I LOVE her videos! She is one of many youtube fitness gurus to explode in popularity and for good reason, she’s great! There are tons of free, full-length, high-quality workouts on her page and Youtube channel.

Fitness Blender – Fitness Blender also has tons of free, full-length, high-quality workout videos. This is another of my personal favorites. They have videos for nearly everything. My personal favorite is the quiet cardio video because I can do it while the baby sleeps. – If you have a question, probably has the answer! This is great for me because I’m new to weightlifting and macrosplits and they have tons of info on nearly every topic I could think of. – I used the FREE macro calculator here to find out how many macros to eat each day. By following these numbers, I have lost over 30 pounds! (CLICK to read about my diet.) There are also tons of articles about IIFYM and macro tracking.

Endomondo – Endomondo is a neat app that allows you to track your walks/runs, interact with friends, participate in challenges and more! I got pretty hooked on this for a while.

RunKeeper – While I do not personally use runkeeper, I felt it was worth mentioning because I see it on my facebook feed nearly every day; lots of my friends love it. It seems very similar to Endomondo.

Facebook groups – One thing that really motivates me is logging into Facebook and having my feed full of people who have goals similar to my own. Type in IIFYM in the search bar and you will find probably a dozen macro groups. I joined four or five and my feed is always full of healthy recipes, tips, and tricks. There are admins who are professional coaches and can provide you with a wealth of information.

Quick and Dirty Tips  – Get Fit Guy – I listen to this podcast but the page is pretty handy, too. All kinds of fitness tips for every level. Lots of articles and links, too.

Blogilates – I wish I had thought of this first! Part blog, part pilates video site, totally great. I love this site and can spend hours looking at her Instagram worthy food posts.

Do Yoga With Me – A great resource for free yoga videos for all levels. – LiveStrong is a great resource for general diet and exercise information. This is a great place to start for general info. There are lots of useful articles here.

PopSugar Fitness – Obviously geared towards women, this site is just so much fun. There are lots of unique articles, helpful tips and resources.

That’s a Wrap!

WELL FOLKS, those are my favorite free fitness resources, I hope you can find something useful here that you didn’t already know about. Please leave a comment below and let me know about your favorite fitness resources. Are there any good ones I forgot?

As always, thanks for reading!

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