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Happy Hump Day friends! I for one am excited it’s Wednesday because tomorrow is my Friday! Hooray for short weeks. Today, I wanted to make a quick post about something I’ve recently started using: coconut oil.


Cuckoo for Coconuts

I realize I am a super late adopter when it comes to using coconut oil but I’ve been so intimidated by this stuff! If you do a Pinterest search for coconut oil you will be inundated with never ending possibilities for its use. I was overwhelmed and didn’t know where to even begin. However, since going LCHF and seeing many unexpected benefits, I have taken an interest in more natural and holistic health. I used to regard this stuff as “hippie-dippie” quackery but now that I am cleaning up my diet, I cannot deny how much better I am feeling.

Am I the only one who gets super overwhelmed in the natural food stores? There are just so many products, all promising optimum health benefits and they’re all so spendy! Since gaining an interest in holistic health, I’ve been gently easing myself in by purchasing just one new product to try each time I go to the store. I read about the many benefits of MCT, of which coconuts are a good source. I knew I needed to get some into my diet but wasn’t sure how to add it into my daily nutrition. So, with some hesitation, I decided to buy the coconut oil first and figure out how to use it second.


Like a Book on the Shelf

So, I bought my little jar of organic coconut oil for $5.99 at Aldi (Do you shop at Aldi? I LOVE Aldi!) After doing a little research, it seems like that was a pretty good price. Unfortunately, it sat in my cabinet, unloved on the shelf for WEEKS. I did the Pinterest search for its use a couple times and just left feeling like there were too many options for me to know where to begin. Then, one Saturday morning when the baby was in his high chair having breakfast, I was poking around my cabinets, cleaning things out and saw the jar of coconut oil, sitting there inspiring guilt. While $5.99 was a good price, it was a waste if I never used it! I decided to take it down and use it for something, anything.

Since adopting keto, I’ve read a lot about bullet proof coffee. However, all the crazy ingredients made me feel like I was back in my high school chemistry class. I decided I didn’t have to make actual bullet proof coffee to experience some of the benefits, so I made my morning coffee and plopped in a hearty tablespoon of coconut oil in addition to my usual heavy whipping cream and half pack of stevia. I also added a dash of cinnamon because, hey, why not? I’ll be honest, it was weird seeing the oily sheen on my coffee.

Trying New Things

Surprisingly, I really liked it. It added a nice coconut flavor with just a hint of sweetness. One of the most amazing things I’ve discovered since cutting out refined sugar is that I taste the natural sweetness in foods. It’s amazing how dampened our taste buds become when we consume excess sugars. I was really pleased with my discovery and I have actually stopped putting the stevia in my coffee most days. Instead I just use the coconut oil/heavy cream.

I felt empowered by my resourcefulness, so I decided to try and use the coconut oil for something different. I’ve had these stubborn patches of dry skin on my hands for weeks now so I thought maybe the coconut oil might help. I slathered on a generous blob on each hand and it felt so smooth and buttery. The scent was nice and light, too, which is great for when I’m at home. I try not to use heavy perfumes around the baby. The coconut oil seems to be doing the trick. The spot on my right hand is almost gone and my left is showing improvement.

More of the Good Stuff

I’m currently searching for more ways to use my little jar of coconut oil! I’ve read that you can use it to cook with but I’m nervous that it will give my savory foods a sweet/coconut taste. Perhaps I will try it in a sweet/baked goods recipe first. Another thing I read was to use it in your hair as a conditioner but I’m afraid it will make my hair too oily. Maybe I can try that over the weekend when I don’t have to go anywhere. 🙂

Do you use coconut oil? If so, I’d love to hear about HOW you use it! Please let me know by dropping a note below. As always, thank you for reading. I hope you have a beautiful and blessed day!



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