One Year of Three Little Birds – Looking Back on My First Year of Blogging

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I cannot believe how quickly the past year has flown by! I renewed my domain today and it seems impossible that I have been blogging for an entire year. 

Three  Little Birds
Three Little Birds

This blog has brought me a lot of happiness and a lot of personal growth. I cannot believe that this time last year, I was trying to think of a hobby I would enjoy and researching domain names! It is great to have something that is just for me. I’ve always loved writing, so blogging is perfect for me. I love sharing the things that bring me happiness and making connections with people. Looking back on my old posts, it amazes me how much I’ve accomplished in such a short time.

This blog has helped me stay focused on my goals and has given me an outlet for my creativity. It inspired me to buy a DSLR camera, which has also brought me tons of happiness. I’ve learned a lot about blogging and photography and the happiness associated with learning a new skill is huge!



Here are some of the high lights of the past year of Three Little Birds. I hope you enjoyed some of these posts!

My most popular post of all time is still: Sunday Meal Prep (with Recipes and Macros) the majority of the traffic to my blog comes from this very post!

My least popular posts are always the Reading Lists – but I still do them because I enjoy it!

I found my niche, meal prep posts, embraced it and then abandoned it. I enjoy doing meal prep posts but that’s not all I wanted to blog about. Since I’m not blogging for anyone other than myself, I decided that was OK! However, in the future, I would like to get back into meal prep blogging.

Another really popular post I wrote was my Personal Improvement post.

My personal favorite post, and the one of which I am most proud is The Fleeting Era of Tiny Feet. I wrote it about my son and still can’t read it without crying!

I also cannot believe I was brave enough to chronicle my weight loss journey in my Weekly Weigh-In Posts – that took guts I didn’t know I had!

It was also interesting to see how my attitude about dieting changed when I swapped over from a Standard American Diet (SAD) to a Ketogenic/ Low Carb High Fat Diet. I chronicled those changes in my post, “A Day in the Life of LCHF”

Finally, I love posting updates on my photography, as newbie as it is, so I can see my progress. Posts like Photography Update help me to see how much I’ve improved!


Goals for the Future

In the next year, I’d love to grow my traffic and improve the quality of my blog. Specifically, I’d like to improve the quality of the photos I post and the frequency of posts. I’d like to find my real niche, but not pressure myself to do so. I’d like to continue to learn about blogging and SEO (search engine optimization) and maybe work on monetizing my blog. Whether or not any of these things happen, I know I will enjoy the process, because for me, blogging is just about having fun.

As always, I thank you for reading. I hope you have enjoyed the past year of Three Little Birds.



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