June Goals Progress and Updates

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Can you believe June is already over? Where has this year gone??? June has been a month of trial and error with lots of new things, including our new budget and my ketogenic diet.

Here are the updates on my goals for June. I made progress with my budgeting, dieting, and reading!

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I literally haven’t weighed myself for the entire month of June! However, I did have a huge non-scale victory this week. I have a pair of khaki skinnies that I bought back in January. Even though they were my size, they were just TOO tight. Thursday, I tried them on and they zipped without crazy bulges! Yay!


So, June was more of an experiment than an actual month of budgeting. I wanted to see how much and where we’re spending our money. It has been pretty eye opening. I learned that $200 will not be enough for groceries, unless we add separate categories for pet supplies and household consumables. Additionally, I learned that we spend a TON on gifts for friends and family throughout the year. Apparently, I need to reign that in and add a budget for gifts. We also need a category for Christmas savings so we don’t have to charge any gifts come November! We put down $270 on our cruise, which is more than our $150 monthly target. Hooray! I decided it is a good idea to pad the total while we have extra cash, in order to make up for months where we have less.


I read five books this month! That is almost two books above my monthly goal. I read the following books in June!

Where’d You Go Bernadette – by Maria Semple


This is a fun work of fiction about a mom who goes missing and a daughter’s quest to find her. It was funny, fresh, and surprisingly good.

Keto Clarity – by Jimmy Moore


As the title might suggest, this book is about the benefits of a ketogenic diet.

A Man Called Ove – by Fredrik Backman

Oh this book! The story of Ove, a grouchy old man and the unexpected friendship he forms with his unpredictable new neighbors will make you laugh and cry.

One Child – by Mei Fong

The tale of China’s one child policy, this book probably should have been an editorial and not an entire book. While it told a very interesting tale, it did so in such an excessively verbose way that I struggled to finish this one.

Eleven Minutes – by Paulo Cohelo

Smart, full of sex, and easy to read. What more can you ask for in a book? Paulo Cohelo tells us the story of Maria, a Brazilian prostitute, and her quest for love. It’s kind of like Pretty Woman meets The Alchemist. Only, way better because that sounds awful. lol.

Looking Forward

I am looking forward to July, where we can really get going on our budget. Eventually, I’m going to get back on the scale and my goal is to work out every single day in July! Speaking of fitness streaks, I’ve got to cut this short so that I can go work out. I don’t want to break my ten day workout streak!

As always, thanks for reading! I hope you have a beautiful and blessed day!



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