Happy 2017 & New Year’s Resolutions

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Happy New Year!


While 2016 was a terrible year for celebrity deaths (we lost so many good ones) it was a great year for my family. Each New Year brings a chance to look back and reflect on the previous year and look ahead with optimism. While 2016 was not without its own set of tribulations, in the end, I have to say we are very fortunate. For us, 2016 was a year of firsts- baby’s first tooth, first steps, first birthday. It was absolutely joyous to watch him grow and change so dramatically over the course of the year. Allen and I also experienced a few firsts- me with blogging/photography and him changing jobs! While 2016 was good, I want 2017 to be better! Each year is a chance to make some new resolutions and be a better version of myself.

Resolve to be Happier

Like most people, I am starting the New Year with some resolutions. Back in May I started my informal “Happiness Project” and now, I want to do a more organized, more formal version. I have been thinking about it and planning for weeks and now I am finally ready to get started. So, here it is! My 2017 Happiness Project. I plan to cover the below listed goals/resolutions throughout the year with a new focus each month. Then, in December of 2017- I’d like to bring it all together.

My 2017 Happiness Project Challenge

Each month I will focus on challenging myself in a new area that I would like to improve. I have planned out actionable items for each goal so that my work is intentional. I will post updates a couple times a month, so that you guys can follow along with my progress.

January – Health. I thought this was a good place to start because without good health, it would be nearly impossible to accomplish the other things on my list. I plan to focus on diet and exercise. My biggest actionable items are to cut out sweets/added sugars and to increase the duration and intensity of my workouts.

February – Love. With February being the month of Valentine’s Day, I thought this would be a good time to focus on my relationships. Specifically, I would like to focus on my roles as wife and mother. I aim to turn off my distracty-screens AS SOON AS I get home from work, and instead focus that time on my husband and child, to really pay attention to their needs. I also aim not to raise my voice for an entire month. Additionally, I aim to practice little acts of love and my final actionable item for February is the read The Five Love Languages by Dr. Gary Chapman and apply some of those strategies in my marriage.

March – Wealth. While money can’t buy happiness, it can help give you peace of mind. For someone like me, with serious tendencies toward anxiety, every little bit of comfort helps. This month will be a real challenge for me. I aim to set a budget and stick to it. Pay off $500 of debt and put $500 in savings.

April – Fitness. As the weather warms up, April is a great time to focus on fitness. My actionable items for this month include trying something new, exercising for a minimum of 15 minutes every single day, and completing a group challenge.

May – Energy. Hooray for May! One of my favorite months of the year. As we head out on vacation, May marks a great time to focus on renewing my energy by making sure I take time to rest and restore. My actionable items for May include going to bed early, drinking more water, and weekly yoga sessions.

June – Home. I am happiest when my home is clean and clutter free. With summer approaching, June is the time to purge my closets, clear out my clutter, and create a meaningful space just for me.

July – Appearance. Now that summer is in full swing, July seems like a great time to focus on my appearance. I want to look my best in cute summer styles. My plan to take action on my appearance in July includes: stepping out of my comfort zone, whitening my teeth, upping my beauty-routine game.

August – Focus – Focus has been my theme for 2017 and now is the time to focus on focusing! I aim to practice daily mindfulness exercises, learn to meditate, and increase the frequency of my yoga practice.

September – Learn. September is when the kids go back to school and a great time to focus on learning. For this month’s challenge I’d like to read a different non-fiction book each week, practice daily brain games, and pick up a new hobby.

October – Soul. In October I’d like to focus on my inner-self. This means I’d like to focus on my attitude and accepting life with grace. My action items for October will be to find the positive in every situation, read two books on spirituality, learn to lighten up, and laugh daily.

November – Create. With Christmas approaching, there is no better time to get creative. My goal for November is to participate in NaNoWriMo- an annual novel writing challenge. I also aim to make a keepsake craft with Chase and make some fun Christmas decorations.

December – Putting it all together. In December, I’m going to try to do it all! I will never be perfect, but I am sure to make some real progress while trying.

Misc. Goals

I also made a couple misc. goals that don’t really fit into just one category. The first one is to complete my 2017 reading challenge by reading 40 books this year and the second is to drop 40 pounds, putting me back at my pre-pregnancy weight. (Over the holidays, I gained back nearly ten of the thirty pounds I had lost! UGH!)

Did you make big plans for 2017? Please share them with me! Let me know what are your resolutions and goals for 2017 by commenting below.

As always, I’d like to thank you for reading and I hope that you have a beautiful and blessed day.


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