Budget Update – Saving for International Travel

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Happy Saturday everyone! Well, we’ve completed the first week on our new budget. If you read my last post, you know that we started a budget as a way to save for our first international travel as a couple. Curious about how it went? Read on!


That’s the Way the Money Goes…

Things didn’t go 100% according to plan (do they ever?) BUT we made positive progress. This first month on our new budget is more trial and error than anything. After this month,¬†we hope to have a clear picture of exactly where our money goes. I think I have a pretty good idea, already. (1. food 2. impulse/convenience buys) but it will be interesting to see the details at the end of the month.

The week started out easy. We had several “no spend” days, meaning we didn’t spend a cent outside of the bills we are obligated to pay. We were motivated by having just booked the trip, so our excitement helped us stay focused. I mentioned that there would be a few challenges: not eating out, and not getting coffee in the cafeteria. Was I right?

My goal has been to keep our groceries to about $40/week, or at least to see if that’s a feasible amount. It was easy to stay within our grocery budget. It was also surprisingly easy to bring my coffee from home. Things were going along smoothly until Thursday. I had a TERRIBLE day at work and let my co-workers talk me into eating out with them. I did at least say, “OK, but let’s go somewhere cheap.” I still managed to spend $7.50 on a fast food salad though!

That same day, I forgot to swap cars with my husband (long story, another day) and so he had to go buy more safety glasses for work (because his were in my car), which set us back $9.99 and was also the result of my bad day. However, I guess it can’t hurt for him to have a second pair of safety glasses. Finally, Friday, I got a coupon for $15 off any purchase at Express (my weakness) and so I spent $5.86 on a new Portofino blouse. It was originally $59.90, and those are my all time favorite work shirts. I felt like at 90% off, I had to get it. Then I felt guilty for even spending $5.00. Oh well. I also spent $1.25 in the vending machine.

Apparently stress and the resulting impulse buys are my areas for improvement.

Short and Sweet

All total, we spent only $24.60 outside of our budget. We do have a category for “spending money” and “unplanned expenses” so I guess that’s where we’ll categorize these purchases.

Next week, I hope to do even better! But this week was not a bad start at all. We stayed well withing what we had planned, even with the $25.00 in additional spending. My husband also worked some over time, which will go DIRECTLY to Carnival for our cruise! Hooray!

Are you on a budget? What are your tips for sticking to it? I’d love to know! Comment below with your budgeting advice.

As always, thank you for reading! I hope you have a beautiful and blessed day!



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