Affordable Whole/Organic Foods – My First Order from Thrive Market

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Hi Folks! Today I’m talking about my first experience with Thrive Market. They deliver affordable, high quality whole and organic foods right to your door for a FRACTION of the cost of traditional retailers. *cough Wholefoods, cough* I was truly shocked by how much I saved on products I love. Additionally, I discovered a few new products that I didn’t know I were missing from my life!

Savings for Days

You may not know but I live in a tiny, backwards redneck town. It is pretty awful and we want to move ASAP. In the meantime, my access to organic and whole foods is, well, limited. By limited I mean, I have to drive nearly 30 miles to find good coconut oil. For that reason, I previously bought a lot of my keto diet supplies from Amazon. Unfortunately, Amazon doesn’t always have the best prices on food products.

Enter Thrive Market. They are a subscription club, delivering high quality organic and whole foods for a fraction of the price of traditional retailers. For an annual fee of $55, you get access to their amazing selection of delicious, healthy foods at the guaranteed lowest price. The savings on my first order alone made up for the cost of the annual membership. For someone like me, who lives in the middle of nowhere, Thrive Market is a miracle!

Just take a look at these savings! I took advantage of additional introductory savings and you can, too. Click here to save an extra 25% on your first order!

My First Order from Thrive Market
My First Order from Thrive Market

Compare and Save!


I compared my purchase at Thrive Market to the prices at Amazon. To me, the savings speak for themselves. I added the exact same items, sizes, etc. (or as close as I could find) to my cart and the cost was nearly THREE TIMES as much!


amazon comp
amazon comp


I ended up purchasing the membership for a few reasons. 1. The prices are better than I can find elsewhere. 2. They offer frequent promos (I got free coconut oil on my second order!) 3. When I called to cancel after my trial period, they offered me a 6 month membership for $29.99 plus a coupon for free shipping on my next order.

Good job, Thrive Market. You have retained me as a customer for at least the next six months!

Are whole/organic foods important to you? If so, please let me know how you save money on them by commenting below!

As always, thanks for reading. I hope you have a beautiful and blessed day!




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